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CultKitchen Radio Show – Episode 24: FiliN

27/09/2020, 19:00 (GMT)

Boris Filin is a Moscow based Dj that prefers vinyl-only sound. In a short period of time from the beginning of his performances in clubs, he managed to get a lot of positive feedbacks from musicians and clubbers, thanks to the excellent musical taste and technique. His impressive vinyl collection isn't tied to any genre. In his sets, you can hear techno, house, breakbeat and, of course, ambient. The latest appearance was at the CultKitchen Radio Showcase in Gazgolder club in Moscow. Now it's time to listen to his podcast. for our show.

As he said, he recorded this mix with thoughts of cyclicality of everything that surrounds us. You can hear it thanks to the selection. Birth, growth, progress, extinction, death and back to birth again. Everyone can have its own perception. There's a quote that best describes the mood: "Circles on a water surface appear while the rings that appeared a second ago are still alive. The rings are alive when the rings that appeared a second ago disappear. The rings disappear while the new ones appear".

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