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Sonogramma Podcast #7

Dmitri Børn

15/11/2020, 19:00 (GMT)

The seventh edition of the Sonogramma podcast will open doors to the musical universe of the Russian musician Dimitri Børn. The curator of the Unline label & community will present an exclusive mix of drone tracks from his new album, which will be released in the near future.


The music of Dimitri Børn (aka Unlogic Thing) is born from silence. This is the most important point of reference from which the trance, psychedelic journey begins. Vibrations trigger the entire emotional range of natural sounds, sometimes barely perceptible, but this is Dmitry and his intended scenario. Everyone will find a different response to their creativity, deep sound design, music for relaxation, for flying into the cosmos.


It is a great responsibility to write about music, to set landmarks like traps that can stop the listener from reaching their destination, remaining among conventional metaphors and conjectures. How can we avoid profanation of language if we think through language, and the Gorgon's gaze produces only stones and fragments that prevent us from getting inside? Each point of view, like a drop, inevitably generates distortions of authenticity. Poetry is the only open door. This sound experiment is an attempt to escape from the utterance, an attempt to peer into the space between. 

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